La Boite concept

combines the family know-how of traditional Hi-Fi to create “all-in-one” ergonomic products tailored to new sound technologies.


Serving acoustics

Since its creation in 2008 La Boite concept has been combining a family know-how of traditional Hi-Fi transmitted from generation to generation in the Cagniard family, to create “all-in-one” ergonomic products tailored to new sound technologies and the digital era of musical supports.

Our loudspeakers all have a functionality and meet the requirements of music lovers while allowing a use that is resolutely accessible.

The historical acoustic know-how of the Cagniard family, Marie, founder in 1938 of Siare and her son Thierry, is embodied by Timothée, director of La Boite concept, with the rigor and respect that this this technical heritage imposes on him.

The origin of our know-how

Marie Yeramian Cagniard

A free, modern and visionary woman.

In 1938, visionary Marie Cagniard Yeramian founded the SIARE loudspeaker brand, which later became a reference in its field. At a time when the company was a field not open to women and where electro-acoustic had not yet developed Hi-Fi, Marie Cagniard boldly imposed herself by placing innovation at the heart of SIARE’s industrial approach.

The company will gradually become the largest French manufacturer of speakers, thanks to the contribution of her son Thierry Cagniard.

The modern era

Thierry Cagniard

In 1970, Marie Cagniard’s son Thierry joined SIARE. He will be at the origin of the creation of speakers that will mark their era by their modernity and their quality, and will make the success of this leading brand.

Creation of La Boite concept

3 generations, 1 passion

In 2008, 70 years later, Marie and Thierry join the initiative of Guillaume and Timothée,  Thierry’s sons, to create La Boite concept and gather three generations around their passion. “La Première”, designed by Guillaume,  is an all-in-one system with the silhouette of an arcade game terminal that embodies the vision of La Boite concept: high-end, all-in-one custom speakers, adapted to contemporary uses.

First innovation

the LD120

In 2010, the LD  for “Laptop Dock”, created by Timothée Cagniard and supported by his father Thierry is an immediate success. The LD is indeed the first high-fidelity station for laptops, both speaker and office/desk. They filed together that year the patent Wide Sound®.



In 2013 La Boite concept signs its first collaboration with a designer. La Boite concept’s technical team and Samuel Accoceberry develop together the “Cube”, which combines a compact volume with a small furniture look and an optimisation for wireless devices.

In the years after, Vincent Tordjman, Stephan Lanez, Olivier Dollé will in turn sign products of the brand.

our DNA


Since its creation, the laboratory of La Boite concept has developed several internationally patented technologies dedicated to the creation of audio systems delivering a sound reproduction both faithful and immersive allowing a wider stereo from compact all-in -one Hi-Fi systems.

In 2010 our R & D laboratory develops the WIDE SOUND® technology which allows us a wider stereophony and broadcasts a totally immersive sound through a compact and monobloc volume. Following that, the Wide sound® 2.0 and Wide sound W® patents will be released.

In 2017, after 7 years of research, our laboratory unveils the ACTIVE PRESSION REFLEX® technology which offers an exceptional quality of sound reproduction thanks to the implementation of an airtight chamber of 2 loudspeakers (including 1 internal woofer) controlled numerically. This airtight chamber system is calibrated on multiple digital amplifiers. These custom-built amplifiers offer exceptional power and modularity, especially in the extreme bass, in a very compact volume.





integrated laboratory

An approach without compromise

The heritage of La Boite concept has been transmitted for three generations.  Its conviction is that a product of quality is a product without concession, for which each component must be thought and developed specifically, from A to Z. That’s why to be faithful to our convictions and to come closer and closer to our objective, which is the return of the most natural and pure sound, we have our own research and development laboratory in the heart of the Basque Country.

We pursue a constant R & D policy: each product is designed and developed internally in our laboratory at Ustaritz (64). This allows us to innovate each year with new products. Part of the electronics R & D work is co-developed and manufactured with atoll® electronic in Normandy.

Exclusive speakers

Tailored sound

All our loudspeakers are custom made for La Boite concept’s Hi-Fi systems to ensure an optimal quality of restitution.

our anchor

Basque country

La Boite concept’s aim isn’t to design furniture which has loudspeakers added to it, but to develop high performance audio systems with an ergonomic and stylish «furniture» design.

Anchored in the Basque country, where our head offices  and R&D laboratory are located (in Ustaritz), La Boite concept capitalizes on the local resources and know-how in wood, craftsmanship and industry in the French and Spanish Basque country.

La Boite concept benefits from a double geographic anchor, in Ustaritz in Aquitaine (Basque Country), our sales and technical team is closer to our Franco-Spanish production and our laboratory. In Paris, our marketing, communication and events team is dedicated to our influence and prospecting.