La Platine

High Fidelity Turntable


Listen to your 33/45 RPM vinyl records.

A parternship La boite Concept x Elipson.

50 years after the Cagniard family’s company Siare had their first partnership with Elipson, this partnership has been renewed to bring to life a very high quality turntable. This turntable combines the main innovations from Elipson along with the cabinet-making and design expertise from La Boite concept. This structure provides a remarkable accuracy and a warm analog sound reproduction that will sublimate your 33/45 RPM vinyl records.

good vibes only

Optimal sound restitution

The MSD engine and Elipson carbon arm coupled with an ultra-rigid wood board made in the Basque Country and insulated with natural genuine leather ensure optimal vibration isolation for high fidelity playback quality.


Acoustic precision

Orthofon diamond

The high-end elliptical diamond from Ortofon makes it possible to faithfully reproduce every detail of the vinyls you listen to.


Retro & Elegant

The Platine LS blends pyrographed oak with a natual leather desk pad made in the Basque Country for a retro and elegant style.

  • Leather
  • Bois multiplis

Monacor preamplifier

To connect the turntable to our CUBE or LD Hi-Fi speakers,  La Boite concept suggests a Monacor preamplifier. Its role is to transform and improve the signal transmitted by the turntable so that it is transmitted optimally to the speaker.