LX and LX Turntable

Orchestral loudspeaker

LX and LX Turntable


2 versions for an all-in-one active acoustic loudspeaker built to last, with a remarkably high-fidelity, immersive and distortion-free sound thanks to the new technology Wide Sound 3.0® patented by our in-house laboratory CC LAB.

High fidelity


The active loudspeaker LX enhances the sound restitution of both traditional audio systems (vinyl and CD players) and digital devices (TV, Bluray, tablets and smartphones…).



Faithful to its approach, La Boite concept relied on its historical know-how to improve a speaker initially designed 40 years ago by the Cagniard family: the TWZ tweeter. Four years of research and development in its in-house laboratory were necessary to optimise this soft and accurate tweeter by improving its directivity thanks to a new directivity bullet associated with 2 convex deflectors.

Those internal deflectors reflect the sound at the back of the LX speaker system for a high definition listening without distortion on the treble even when the listener is standing up or at a distance from the loudspeaker in a large room.

This innovation results in a new patent: the Wide Sound 3.0®.


Extended stereophony

Integrated to the LX, this technology offers an extended stereophony and an incredible sound clarity for an all-in-one loudspeaker with a balanced and homogenous stereophony, especially in the trebles. Thanks to an extremely wide bandwidth, the LX reproduces all the frequencies in a dynamic and linear way that offers natural listening conditions as close as possible to live orchestra, no matter the volume or music style.


For all your sources

This loudspeaker shaped as a secretary small desk (or French « secrétaire ») is compatible with all your devices. Pair your tablet, your laptop, your turntable (thanks to the anti-vibration system delivered with it), your CD player or even a Wifi wireless system  wireless receiver unit which fit inside the trapdoor (Sonos®, Airplay®, Airport express®, Google® chromecast audio®…).

LX Turntable

With an integrated turntable

For the vinyls’ unconditional lovers, La Boite concept has designed a version combining loudspeaker and turntable. A neat and clean minimalist design, with no visible cables or chassis which gives the feeling of a floating vinyl on the loudspeaker top panel. An integrated anti-vibration board with tailor-made shock absorbers provides an optimal listening.



A sustainable technology in a timeless design. The LX is compatible with all sources and tailored to their evolution over time.

Without any visible cable thanks to its discreet trapdoor for inputs, the LX offers a minimalist line and a selection of noble materials which give the LX the style of a timeless piece of furniture, entirely made out of wood and assembled in the French Basque Country.

  • Noyer
  • Aluminium
  • Bois multiplis

a coherent system

Dimensions / Longueur 69cm x Largeur 48cm x Hauteur 79cm
Weight / 30 kg
Total Power / 315 W
RMS power / 180 W
Surface de sonorisation maximale / 200 m2

5 exclusive speakers CCLAB La Boite concept. The 5 channels reach an overall power of 285 watts (system 4.1). 5 Class D amplifiers with a hifi power on 8 ohms with 0,1% THD of 160 real watts: 1 x 90 watts + 2 x 20 watts + 2 x 15 RMS real watts.

Sound level: 104 dB at 1m (can fill a room of 150m² with music)

Front : 2 fiberglass mid-range with aluminium cone / Back : 2 tweeters TWZ WS 3.0® with cones and bullet equipped with internal convex deflectors /Underneath : 1 bass reflex woofer with long excursion cellulose pulp cone


LX : suitable for all traditional turntables weighing less than 7kg (pre-amplifier phono included) / LX Platine : integrated La Boite concept x Elipson turntable with ultra-rigid plywood, carbon arm and Ortofon cartridge.


Compatible with all sources

  • Bluetooth® Apt-X
  • DAC usb 24bits
  • RCA
  • mini-jack 3.5mm
  • Optique toslink (24bits)
  • Compatible systèmes de contrôle vocal
  • Compatible systèmes multi-room
  • Compatible chargeur induction
  • Port de charge usb
  • Point de charge 220V

Clément Hellégouarch

Passionate about creation in all its forms, Clément Hellégouarch establishes his own universe oriented towards the practical, technical and aesthetic optimisation.

Also musician by passion, he moved towards product design and innovative uses during his Master’s degree at the Strate design school.

He will spend the following 5 years at La Boite concept, collaborating with Timothée Cagniard to develop together their shared vision of the acoustic loudspeaker, working with high standards and passion, enhanced by their friendship.  

Upon La Boite concept’s 10-year anniversary, this vision is featured to create the LX.